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Multimeter - Transistor Tester

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Transistor tester

Automatic detection of NPN and PNP bipolartransistors.N-channel and P-chmnnel MOSFETs,

JFETs diodes(including double Diodes)N.and P-IGBTS, resisiors, Inductors, capacitors,

thyristors,triac and battery (0 .1-4.50V) Automatie detection of zener diode (0.01-20v).

Self test with automatic calibration

IR decoder

Support Hitachi IR coding

IR waveform display


Measurement results using TFT graphic display(160x128)

Auto Power Off(Timeout Settable)

Built-in rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Li-ion Battery voltage detection- 160x128 TFT display

Power on

In the power off state, short press the multifunction key,

the tester is turnedon and automatically measured.

IR decoder

After the component test is completed, point the infrared remote control at the "IR" test hole of the tester,

press the remote control button, the tester will display the user code and data code after successful decoding,

and display the corresponding infrared waveform.

If the decoding fails or the decoding fails, the user code and data code cannot be displayed.

At this time, if you are in the tester interface, you cannot enter the infrared decoding interface.

If you are in the infrared decoding interface, the last successful decoding information will still be displayed.

Detect Zener Diode

When the device is turned off or the test is completed, put the Zener diode into the Zener diode test area,

press the locking handle, and briefly press the multi-function button.

Automatic calibration

Short-circuit three test sockets, short press the multi-function button, and the tester will automatically calibrate.

During the calibration process, there is no need to perform other operations except to disconnect the short

wire according to the prompts.


Automatic shutdown after timeout

When the component test is completed or the infrared decoding is completed, and the automatic

shutdown time is reached, the tester will automatically shut down (overtime 30 seconds)

Standby power consumption is 0 uA after shutdown.

Battery voltage measurement

Before each component measurement, the built-in lithium battery voltage will be detected and displayed.

When the battery voltage is less than 3.1V, it will be forced to shut down. Please charge it at this time


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Multimeter - Transistor Tester

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